And now I think.

And this is how I forget to think.

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I’m checking out the line-up for National Free Comic Book Day this year, and I gotta admit the cover art for “Les Miserables: Fall of Fantine” seriously makes me uncomfortable.  It’s not just because it’s in anime style form.  That better not be Fantine in that ragged torn dress because she looks way too young (shudders).  Or is it Cosette?  If it’s Cosette, then there’s still something wrong because she just looks sad, miserable, pouty, and vulnerable in a SHINY CLEAN torn dress.  I don’t really see any hope or a strong will to face adversity and survive in those eyes.  She looks too shiny and clean and her hair all fluffed and unmessy… yet her dress is torn.  Like she’s been temporarily gently… roughhoused or something…  That picture’s unnerving.

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penguinlikespies said: Shit happens, yo.

Quite literally.  Amidst the precursor to the chaos that would happen later (and I successfully avoided), I think I saw somebody poop in public yesterday.  That is something I did not really need to see.

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Sometimes, I study to chiptunes, drink tea with chill hop, cook with jazz standard, dine with acoustic coffee house, dance to electroswing, strut around my apartment with disco or funk, celebrate with big band jazz, kill time with britpunk, dream about other worlds with orchestral film scores, dream about killing alien butt with drum n bass, contemplate life with indie pop, question life with emo rock, reminisce past lives with electrofolk. 

And I guess when I’m sick with a fever and my eyes and head are throbbing, I try to drown it out with some house and dubstep…  Just some people jumping up and down in my cranium to the beat of my brain throbs.  Yep.  And then after a while that stops working so I lie on my bed and go with ambient music instead. Then I try writing music.  And then I get frustrated.  So I surround myself with ambient music again.

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Hey peeps!  In case you didn’t know, I did a thing.  For this thing.  So I covered Gunnarolla's Konkai, which is an awesome song in English and Japanese. In the middle of finals week.  I only did part of it, and you can tell that I was dehydrated from sneaking into a water-less classroom and recording in the night (and trying not to be too loud) but hey!  It was fun! :D

I wanna do the whole song at some point c:

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And there’s the prize of a super snazzy watch!



…But the fact that I’m a native speaker of both English and Japanese puts me at an unfair advantage, especially in the rap portion… actually, I don’t know anymore.  I just tried out the rap portion and I was stumbling everywhere.  Erm.  Maybe fluency doesn’t give me as much of an upper hand as I thought it would…

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